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About Me

Baking. Such a small word but holds such big meaning for me!

I have always had a passion for baking. Right back to when I was a kid in my nan’s kitchen helping her bake butterfly cakes and her classic bread pudding (best thing in the world). Since then, my interest for food only grew. Growing up, I would binge watch Food Network on TV and help my nan bake after school rather than doing my homework. Then in secondary school I took Food Tech for one of my GCSE’s, and it was here that I knew I wanted to bake for a living.

Fast forward afew years, and I went to college to further my knowledge. Here, I discovered that my main passion was for baking rather than cooking; sweet rather than savoury. So I then took Patisserie for my second year of college. I loved the preciseness and attention to detail that is so prominent in Patisserie. There’s endless limits for creativity and also for learning. Which is why even after completing college, I felt like I only hit the tip of the iceberg with all there is to know about Patisserie.

Now, I’m in my mid twenties and I’m a pastry chef. I could talk about baking all day long, so I thought, why not make a blog? I always get inspired by other people’s baking experiences, so I hope I can do the same!