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As a baker, you’ll find that sometimes you need to convert a recipe’s servings and this can be tricky. In the past I struggled when trying to scale up recipe’s, jotting down endless math equations. This usually would end in the wrong calculation of ingredients and a failed recipe. So, I made it my goal to make an easy to use recipe calculator for all the fellow bakers out there. Here, you can take a recipe that you already have and enter the servings it makes. From there, you can scale your recipe up and down so you can get the perfect amount of servings for you. I must say, having this tool makes life so much easier when baking and I hope it will help you too! I couldn’t have made this tool without the help of my boyfriend who works as a web developer (which definitely comes in handy!). Let me know if you like this recipe calculator in the comments below!

Please note this recipe calulator is for GRAMS & MILLILETRES only.

Enter the recipe's serving amount and your desired servings
Now enter each of the ingredients, units & measurements



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